Trend and Tech art 2

Technology and trend –article 2

Arlene Si

Adult Education and the Social Media Revolution

By: LeNoue, Marvin; Hall, Tom; Eighmy, Myron A. Adult Learning. Spring2011, Vol. 22 Issue 2, p4-12. 9p.


This article discusses the suitability of Web 2.0 as a tool for delivering adult education. Since 1970, the demand for distance education has grown significantly as globalization forces people to become lifelong learners.

The accessibility and convenience of using digitally mediated learning is creating a trend towards blended education. The author foresees a future that used digitally mediated learning to accommodate an even greater number of students than before hence lowering the cost/student.

The article states that on-line education which has grown substantially is based on a constructivist model of education that focuses on collaborative learning, knowledge construction, problem solving, critical thinking skills and autonomous learning all of which are in line with the principles of adult education. Instructors just need to ensure that course design will deploy tools and activities that facilitate and encourage interaction of the students with the web, with each other. Social media is ideal because it has the capacity to meet the diverse need of adult learners as it provides a wealth of knowledge/resources.

Aside from this, the author also recommended use of a personal learning environment or what he calls PLE which are home pages for the student to serve as an access point for on-line interaction.

He noted that adult learners bring with them a wealth of information negative and positive that may and may not help with this foray into social media. It is important for the instructor to put in structures to scaffold the learning of all participants in order to ensure maximum learning. Instructors act more as facilitators as learners become more participatory. Focus changes from the instructor to the student.

He concluded that technology afford customization of learning to the individual needs of each student as learners actively create their own learning processes, it leads to lifelong learning.

Reading this article helped me realize why Pru has given us the kind of assignment we have. I do see that as the world increasingly become more global, that adults everywhere will see the need for lifelong learning and the best way to deliver it would be through the web because it allows for more customization. But I feel a little overwhelmed with all these information…how about the rest of you?

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LeNouie, M; Hall, T; Eighmy, M A. (2011) Adult Education and the Social Media Revolution. Adult Learning Spring 2011, Vol.22 Issue 2, P4-12. 9p.

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