WEB 2.0 -Vidigami

The web 2.0 application I have chosen to write about is Vidigami (www.Vidigami.com)
Vidigami offers a free, secure photo sharing site targeted at schools and educators. The company was formed in 2010 so they are still in their pilot stage. Their site allows each member of the particular group to upload their photos of school events throughout the year. Some examples might include fieldtrips, sports days, special celebrations, Christmas/winter festivities, and Spring/Easter programs. These pictures are then compiled into a digital class year book (in DVD format) for the teacher to show at the end of the year. Parents who desire to have a copy order it on line straight from Vidigami. The set up is such that contributions or uploading of photos can come from anyone registered in the appropriate group. Parents can flag their favorite photos. They also offer a custom /individualized year book of specific children. Parents would have to order this on line from them as well.
Personally, I think this is a great site for schools and educators, especially for teachers of young preschool children. More and more parents are sending their young children to preschool and. most parents would love to have a glimpse into their preschooler’s day. Depending on the child, some preschoolers are able to talk about their day while others are non-verbal or would just say “OK”.
Parents or teachers can take pictures of the students when they are “in action” and upload these to the site. Uploading the photos they take of their students while in class on a regular basis provides the parents a window into their child’s world at preschool. It records in some ways a child’s growth and development in their early years. The photos are compiled into a beautiful DVD at the end of the year as a precious keepsake. It could potentially be a win-win situation for all (parents, teachers and administrators) provided issues like confidentiality and liability are addressed.

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