Creative Commons

Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization that helps creators (people or organizations) share their work freely and legally with the rest of the world. Present law states that whenever someone draws or creates an original work, copyright is automatically the creator’s; the creator has all the rights reserved for their work. This means that the creator is the only person that can copy, share or profit from the work. (All rights reserved.) Wherever anyone wish to use “work” (written, image or music etc) done by others, they have to contact the creator for permission on usage. This permission on usage is what we refer to as license.

Whether it’s a literary work, an image, photograph or musical score/lyrics, creators face the choice of whether to share or not to share their work as well as the terms of sharing.

Creators who wish to share their work through Creative Commons answers a series of questions from the Creative Commons website to help them determine how they want their work to be shared.

A Creative Commons license allows creators who wish to share their knowledge or creativity from having” all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved”. Depending on the license, their work can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon( license CC BY ) to create new knowledge and further innovation.

For a “FUN” explanation of Creative Commons and it’s licenses, check out this video ( by Creative Commons in New Zealand about Creative Commons.

Also check site below:

 What does it have to do with you or me?

Universal education is now possible in the digital age. Creative Commons seeks to minimize barriers (copyright laws  and technological coding incompatibility) by providing free licenses and tools so people can share their educational materials with the rest of the world. They provide the legal framework for global Open Education Resources (OER)

CC licenses enable learners/educators all over the world equal access to information and knowledge. A student/instructor from a “third nation” (developing) now has access to MIT open courseware materials as a student or instructor in a “first world”(developed) nation.

Creative Commons is promoting the idea of open sharing while balancing the need of the individual creator for recognition and the need for the world community for information/knowledge.

I believe everyone in the world needs to be told about Creative Commons and the underlying idea it promotes. As citizens of the world in the digital age, any type of learning /instruction will comprise usage of the web. In fact according to their webpage , since 2004 Creative Commons ”  have been focusing their efforts to expand licenses on scientific and technical research.”  and a science commons was formed.

Whether one is a student, researcher,educator,artist, musician etc…we all go to the web for information. Humans do not create something from nothing, the basis of our creation and new knowledge or information is usually built upon something from the past. Having an organization like Creative Commons facilitates research and development , and makes it more economical to produce new knowledge/innovation.So what do you think? Wanna work together? (by Creative Commons)

Please check out the following videos about Creative Commons:

By Creative Commons “Reticulum Rex ”

BY Justin Cone “Building on the Past”

You can also read more about Creative Commons on


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